We will once again be offering our Food Program during the upcoming closure. More info and the request form can be found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdgxYLfV9oaYOkIRbrnkDtEhR_me7OfYY6CXkbTpapN524XHg/viewform
about 1 year ago, Michael Thom
Food request form
LCAS PK- 12 Grade will be closed Monday, November 16, due to the number of staff unable to report to work. All athletics and extracurricular activities are suspended per MDHHS Orders. LCAS will communicate to District families tomorrow regarding the next steps . Thank you, KBlaszak
about 1 year ago, Kim Blaszak
Board of Education meeting minutes for October 14 can be found here: https://5il.co/n0im
about 1 year ago, Michael Thom
First NHS blood drive of the year!
about 1 year ago, LCAS
Blood bus
Virtual student meal pick-up will be Tuesday, November 3rd from 10:30-11:30 AM at door F (north side of building) between our Preschool and Middle School. This is due to No School on Monday, November 2nd.
about 1 year ago, Meghan Utech
LCAS School Closure Plan (just in case...) https://5il.co/milh
about 1 year ago, LCAS
LC Trojan Logo
One of our food service workers at the Elementary has tested positive for COVID-19. This team member, as well as the food service workers that have been in close contact with her have all been sent home to quarantine for the necessary time. We are confident that our facility is sanitary and safe, and that no student contacts were compromised, via meals or any other means of contact. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Central Office at 231.839.6600.
about 1 year ago, LCAS
Fall Athletic Pictures with LifeTouch: MS picture ID: EVTHXFZM4 and HS picture ID: EVTWPDZ3C can be used at http://www.lifetouchsports.com/
over 1 year ago, LCAS
Picture Day
Time to start thinking about purchasing your 2020-21 High School yearbook! https://yearbookforever.com/schools/lake_city_high_school_buy_yearbook_325322/3755RRaoYVb2667RLEa4G1h0
over 1 year ago, LCAS